Deb is Dead

Deb is Dead, Entertainment journalists and celebrities share a symbiotic relationship. And most of the times, these relationships are defined by incidents that can make for howlarious stories. Recently, a Calcutta Times reporter was at the receiving end of such an incident.

When the said reporter called up Dev one morning to follow-up on a lead, to his utter surprise, an unknown voice answered the phone. When requested to pass the phone over to Dev, the man replied, “Dev is dead. I am sitting with his dead body right now.”

After the initial shock subsided, the reporter figured it out. Turns out actor/MP Dev has changed his personal mobile number. And an unsuspecting Bong man (with a great sense of humour, we must say) had the good/mis-fortune of landing up with his old number. We can only imagine what the poor man must be going through attending to innumerable calls intended for Dev.

But, just to be sure that we had not dialled the wrong number, or there was no cross-connection, we tried the old number, one more time. This time, on being requested to pass the phone on to Dev, the conversation went like this:

Reporter: May I speak to Dev?
Man: Dev to mara geche!
Reporter: Hyan?! (feigning shock)
Man: Hyan to. Aapni shonenni?
Reporter: Mane kakhon?
Man: Eito kichukkhon aage. Ekhon to aami shoshane.

Thereafter, our reporter unwittingly apologised and disconnected the call.

PS: This is not a fictional account.

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