Relief from abdominal fat

Relief from abdominal fat. If you following this 7 rules regularly you will get rid from abdominal fat

1. Warm water with lemon and a little salt in a glass of juice in the morning every day to eat.

2 Everyday two or three raw garlic in morning. If it taste like lemon sherbet after drinking can result. Will double the speed of your body weight loss program at the procedure. The circulation of blood in your body at the same time smooth.

3. There are other foods to reduce the amount of space in the morning will give Breakfast fruit. Every morning, a bowl of fruit can be spared a lot from playing the abdominal fat deposition.
4. Abdominal fat and get rid of the friendship with the water. The water in your Harmful to the body by increasing the body’s ability to digest it all helps out.

5. Stay away from white rice. Instead, eat foods made ​​from flour.

6. Cinnamon, ginger, chili pepper and cook your meals. It helps to reduce blood sugar levels in the body

7. The role of body fat in different parts Sugar generic foods, especially the stomach and thigh. To get rid of abdominal fat, sugar, and there is no choice but to feud with Sugar generic dishes.

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