An evening out how to eat healthy foods

Ready kids, a movie and dinner treat with a fun game plan to go out in the evening.
By following a proper diet here are some tips for staying fit and healthy – when you order your food to attack a roaring hungry stomach, that is not it, eat a light snack before leaving home .

Theatre and samosas, avoid fried foods like soft drinks and stick to plain water or tea instead of coffee. Plain popcorn, corn relish, or regularly choose to eat healthy snacks like.

Orders, while dinner menus for meals with less oil check, or any foods with no or low oil Ask for your meal with. Same way, butter, cheese, and avoid deep-fried food items.

Keep a check on portion sizes. Other share your dish and you are tempted to order other food, you just have to eat the rest of the group, is to take a bite. Even a small bite Sati is your passion enough to eat.

You can have a drink with dinner, and a few survivors Cal sauce with fresh cut LY opt for carrot or cucumber sticks.

For the main course is a salad before ordering.

A salad with low-fat dressing will also help keep you full.

Avoid food for dessert after a heavy dessert. Instead, go for a low-calorie ice cream or just take care of your sweet tooth that will take a drink.

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