Almond beauty benefits

getting an almond cake, mix it into your cake batter, or simply respect your protein shake with almond broken. Almond best part about it is used only in sweet, but not too great for savory dishes that are. Experts eat an ounce of almonds also the potential of a day can reduce the risk of heart disease say that. So, what are you waiting for?

Your daily routine, starting today, including almonds!

Overall health

An ounce of almonds (or a handful) of protein, fiber, vitamins, and is rich in trace minerals. They are also low in sugar. Therefore, daily consumption of almonds is a multitude of health benefits. They are essential for a healthy heart, which are rich in magnesium, help to protect against heart disease. In addition, they also cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss diets are good for. Almonds in sugar content is low as they also promote gastrointestinal health and help fight diabetes.

Tip: water or milk six or eight at night Soak the almonds. Peel off the skin in the morning and immediately consume

For hair

Almond hair oil useful in the treatment of almost all types of ailments. This arrest hair fall, but it is also useful in the treatment of dandruff, and delays not only emerge. In addition, using almond oil, will make your hair healthy and shiny. Almond oil is readily available in the market these days, and with it in order to maintain the health of your hair, by itself and in combination with other oils can be used.

Tip: For healthy hair, two tablespoons of castor oil and a hibiscus flower with almonds, mix three tablespoons of oil. Gently heat it, and it’s ten minutes on the scalp, massage a bit cool down once. For about an hour in a hot towel wrap his head. Usually shampoo.

For skin

Are rich in almonds, almond oil or moisturizer that is very good for the skin. Almond oil acne, pimples, and blackheads, which help prevent the occurrence of olein glyceride and is rich in linoleic acid. Almond also keeps the skin soft and supple, which are rich in vitamin E. Almond oil to your skin tone and muscle growth rate has been used to help children.

Tip: Mix quarter cup of brown sugar almond quarter cup (chopped and powder in a mixie). To make a face scrub two tablespoons of honey and almond oil, add in a dash. Use twice daily, and in a matter of a week, watch your skin glow

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