Beauty Products that spoil the beauty of skin

Do you know what the biggest enemies of your skin? Why you not able to keep the beautiful appearance of your face. Some of the products can be responsible for variety of skin problems and diseases. Know something about these product that destroy beauty of your skin –

  • It does not mean deodorant prevent the sweat of your under-arm so that it shall be prevent sweat  of your face. In order to keep set makeup or for a little less sweat many girls cleverly spray deodorant on their face. Don’t do this mistake.
  • Keep in mind that the color of the hair color do not spread on face. Many girls want to match the color of eyebrow with her hair. So that they color their eyebrow which is very harmful.
  • Shampoo keeps your head’s hair and skin clear. But this doesn’t mean that shampoo also good for your face. So be careful when you use shampoo don’t spread it on your face.
  • Don’t use foot cream, crack guard or any type of Vaseline on your face. These not suitable for your face.
  • Many of us use body lotion on face but its not good for your pretty face. Body lotion contains many chemical thats not suitable for face skin.
  • Sometimes children bold on their face with nail polish. Many girls draw bind of nail polish. Don’t do this type of mistake. Keep away this harmful chemicals from the face.
  • Meyanija very beautiful to look and also good for hair care. But meyanija not good for face. Many use meyanija with face mask but its not good for face care.
  • It takes a lot of vinegar use in the domestic treatment but  keep away from your mouth. Wash your hands properly after use of vinegar before you touch your face.

Hope these beauty tips will helps you a lot to keep your beauty of your skin. Always follow natural beauty tips for your skin care if possible keep your skin away from chemical made cosmetics.

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