Beauty Tips For Hot Summer’s Facial Pack

This is difficult to retain the beauty of the skin in this summer for heat and dust. When to go out of the house, then came upon the idea of ​​mass.

Sun-burnt skin is black or sunburn, leaving acne, rash rise, there is the danger of black spots stain tint. During the course of dry skin and oily skin powder sunblock or sunblock cream should be rubbed out. Yet if you are victim of sunburn you can then process the domestic facial.

For that follow some steps

*Take equal amounts of raw milk, lemon juice and sandalwood powder and mix well together. Use this facial cream all over of your face , massage your face as you want. After this keep it from 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash with cold water to remove cream. After that sunburn will be disappeared.

* For skin care another useful packs are Alvera  gel and a mixture of lemon juice. Both materials will be well mixed before massage. It will make the skin bright and remove burn stain. If you get regular care of your face you will get Straightedge velvety smooth skin.

Beauty Tips For Hot Summer’s Facial Pack

In summer season its not possible to keep away your skin form sun ray. And always try to use natural beauty tips as possible keep away your skin from chemical cosmetics.

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