Eggs 10 precious tips, You can apply them in daily life

Half boiled egg is better than full boiled egg to fed kids its contain more nutrition.

Many times when you peel the egg shell then eggs are broken, white part comes up with the shell. To avoid this problem give a spoon baking soda with water before boiled egg.

When you place the egg in a case keep the narrow part at the top, eggs are good for a long time. Little milk can be mixed while omelet, omelet will soft and thick.

For rough hair egg is an extraordinary protein pack. Just mixed the white and yellow part properly and use it to your hair. After 30 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.

Egg yolk contains most of the calories. Just 50 calories at white part of an egg. Douse the egg in lime water, eggs are good for 2 weeks. If in refrigerator it will stay good for more long time.

Before omelet egg give a very little amount of salt in oil, egg can’t cling the pan. When fried the boiled egg then hole the egg with forks. When burnt a place then apply the white part of egg on wound. Feel comfort, blisters won’t and can recover quickly.

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