Don’t do five things after eating rice

1.Eat fruits 1½ hours before or one hour after eating rice . For example, after eating rice plays a gastric problem could be any fruit.

2. Playing too many cigarettes a day is the extent of damage, after eating rice in a lot more damage than cigarettes or bidis. So, do not smoke.

3. Lots of tea is 100 times the amount of protein in the diet, which tenika acid increases. As a result, it takes a lot more time than usual to digest food. Do not drink tea after eating the rice.

4. Do not crank the waist belt or pants. Waist pants and loose belt after a meal, or as readily intestinal (stomach) from rektama (anus) until the Food outlet in the lower surface can be twisted, or may be round the block can be. Such a problem is called intestainala abastrakasana. If you want to eat more before anyone can take up the slack thekekomarera Badhon.

5. Do not take a bath. Bath after eating rice blood levels of the body. This may reduce the amount of blood around the stomach will weaken the digestive tantrake, more than normal, it will take time to digest the result.

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