How to browse free internet using GP Robi Airtel Sim

Grameen Phone ( GP ) Free Internet Browsing System Bangladesh

How to use free internet Browsing in a grameenphone sim? Have you ever think why you can use free internet in bangladesh. yes, you can. you can do this with gp sim in Bangladesh. you can download unlimited file from those proxy all you have to do the following things:

1. Go to configuaration in your nokia mobile

2. Go to personal configuaration settings

3. Add new configuration select web

4. Account name:any


6. Username:empty

7. Password:empty

8. Select pref. access pt. as NO

9. Go to access point settings

10. Turn proxy enable

11. Type any proxy from below

12. Use port as 80

13. Save it

14. Now go to mobile’s main menu screne.

15. Then press 0 for sometime you will see a box in the middle then enter your expected webpage url in the url box.

16. Finally enjoy totaly free internet.

Robi Free Internet Browsing System Bangladesh

Activate your free internet Browsing  “Robi FREE Facebook” and stay Always-On Facebook with your friends & family stories. Browse Facebook using mobile application or any mobile browser and keep enjoying the best facebook experience on Robi.

Robi Free Facebook Browsing! Dial *8444*00#
Note: Free FB Pack

Enjoy Free Facebook Up to 100 MB
To active free facebook, dial *8444*00#
Total Validity of this free pack is 1 Day
Use the volume for FB only in 2G/3G network environment
Pack is available for prepaid and postpaid subscribers
The Free FB offer will continue from 26th September, 2014 until further notice.
By activating the Free FB bundle, Robi users will be able to access free Facebook 24/7.

Internet charges will be applicable if you click on external links, photos, videos & games outside domain. FREE FB is limited to Facebook browsing only.
You have to be active in any of the Robi internet packages to avoid charges due to handset’s background internet consumption.
You may see a warning message from Facebook when they move away from Facebook domain to non-FREE links.
After expiration of FREE Volume, subscribers will be charged BDT 0.01/10KB
Dial *8444*88# for data balance check.

Airtel Free Internet Browsing System Bangladesh

Airtel Bangladesh free internet Browsing Bangladesh  trick

For NOKIA S40 mobile:

First Go to
>>Personal configurations
>>Add new
>>Account name : bdtrickz
>> Home :
>> Use preferred access point : no
>>Access point setting
>>Proxy eanable
>>Proxy address
>>proxy port : 80
>>bearer setting >> pocket data account
access point : internet

Now open Official Operamini and Bookmark the following address:

If you want to visit


If you want to visit

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