BE Careful about your Android Smartphone

Now a day Android Smartphone makes our life easier. We can’t imagine a single moment without Android Smartphone. But there have also limitation to use a smartphone. You have to follow some rules and regulation to use your phone.

Smart phone and health:

Android Smartphone makes our life easy but it has many harmful sites. Android Smartphone harm our health. Injured many part of body.

Risk of eye Damage:

over use can damage your eyes. It decreases your power or eyes.  When you use long time it can damage your eyes. Blue violet light is potentially damages and toxic to the back of your eyes.


Over use of Android Smartphone people gets more headaches. Now a day’s people use Android Smartphone nearly 6 hour a day which is caused to headaches.

Radiation absorption:

Radio waves emitted by a Android Smartphone are engrossed by the body. Radiation is very injurious to heath.

Thermal effects:

While a person using a Android Smartphone, most of the heating effect will arise at the shell of the head.

Blood–brain barrier effects:

Over use of Android Smartphone also cause for Blood–brain barrier effects.


Android Smartphone use can triple your probability for brain cancer.  Over use of Android Smartphone is cause for cancer.


Android Smartphone might even be harmful to our sleep. Microwave radiation from cell phones is much riskier for kids than initially thought.

Back pain:

How many times a day you check your Android Smartphone. Constant slanting down to look at your phone screen can take its toll, leading to neck and back pain. It caused by looking at cell phone screens. It also very harmful for younger children because of handheld games.

Other harmful site:

Smartphone Addiction:
Now a day’s people were addicted for using Android Smartphone. Yes it likely to addict. When people use a Android Smartphone long time every day it may called android Smartphone Addiction. One of the symptoms is a lack of concentration. Android Smartphone provides free of charge messengers such as face book and various kinds of applications. Those applications are useful, but it has also side effects. Gaming is one of the major causes for addicted. While using a smart phone people don’t care about what occur beside on his or her.

Waste of time:

Android Smartphone waste our valuable time. We spend more than 5 hour per day by using smartphone. It is very harmful for student who use this without make their study.

By which You Can Protect Yourself:

To protect yourself you have to follow same rules and regulation. Use Android Smartphone but for short time. Do not use smartphone for long time. Avoid playing any kind of game, long time web browsing like As face-booking. As Android Smartphone users are growing and they waste an average of 6 hours per day on their phones there are injured many potential risks. To escape this you have to use your smartphone properly. Especially, for students who have concentrating on android smartphones and playing games could not properly develop their brain. So student have to avoid Android Smartphone or stop over use.

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