The Long -Term Cough

Usually you will have cough when you get a fever or catch a cold. Sometimes you might have sour cough and sometimes you might have cough will phlegm. Flu or Cold related coughs normally don’t cause that much of problem. They go away in a few days and you will not even have to take medicines for them. Sometimes cough stays for pretty long term. This is a bad sign.
Long-Term cough indicates bad things. Sometimes it comes as symptom of very bad disease. That’s why it is important to find out the reason of the cough and take necessary steps to make it go away.

Long-Term Cough

Cough that stays for 3 weeks or more is considered as Long-Term cough. It is also called Chronic Cough. If you know about disease that results in Long-Term-Term, It will be easy to find the disease and have the treatment necessary.
Some people have cough that also gives them breathing issues. The cough gives them Asphyxia. If your children gets chronic cough go to a doctor immediately. Old people or someone who has health issues, if they get chronic cough they need to be taken to a doctor immediately. Long-Term cough is symptom other diseases. If treated properly, this can be taken care of.


Most of us know about Asthma. Long-Term cough is a symptom of Asthma. Normally Children below the age of two years don’t get Asthma. In some rare cases children get Asthma because of the medical history of the family.
Chronic cough that comes because of Asthma basically comes in a specific season or at night. If the patient moves too much, the cough increases. Sometimes the patient gets Asphyxia and has to breath through mouth. Both sides of their nose and their chest go up and down. In this type of situation, consulting a doctor is very important. Salbutamol pills or Inhalers can give good results.


Long-Term cough occurs because of tuberculosis. This doesn’t mean that the patient has Tuberculosis. If the patient has long term fever, weight loss, then chances are that the patient has Tuberculosis. This is one of the main signs of Chest Tuberculosis. Figuring out the disease through Chest Ex Ray and Phlegm test and taking medicines regularly can cure this disease.

Whooping Cough

Even after taking Vaccination some kids might get Whooping Cough. If the kid makes whooping sound while breathing, feels like vomiting most of the time and gets Asphyxia, it may indicate that the kid has it. If the dose of DPT’s is not taken in time there’s a chance of getting affected by it. It must be made sure that your children get DPT vaccination in the right time. Normally, children older than 12 years old don’t get this.


This disease doesn’t happen to children. It mostly affects old people. Frequent lung infection, Pneumonia causes this disease. Main symptom of this disease is Long-Term cough. If affected by Bronchiectasis one will have cough mostly in the morning. The color of phlegm will turn green. Taking necessary treatment can cure this disease.

Some Other Reasons

Smoking too much can also cause Long-Term cough. Smoking hampers lungs function and affects it dangerously. That’s why smoking needs to be avoided. When the Bronchial Lymph node gets bigger it can also result in Long-Term cough. Consulting a doctor and by taking the necessary steps this can be cured.
You should not wait if you have cough for 3 weeks or more. You should consult a doctor immediately. Don’t neglect it.

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