Men’s Health: 10 Health Risks For Men

The major risks for men’s health can be easily prevented. To ensure good health, and long life of menthere are 10 risks that need to be taken care of. According to famous organization CDC and many other, the 10 risks are:

1. Heart Diseases

This is the main risk for men’s health. If someone lives his life according to the health rules then there is very little chance of heart diseases. Smoking should be avoided at any cost. Any type of tobacco should be avoided. Don’t even get close to someone who smokes. One should eat healthy. Should eat large amount of green vegetables, fresh fruits, fiber and fish. Foods that have large amount of fat, sugar and salt need to be avoided. In case of blood pressure, high cholesterol one should consult a doctor. Exercising should be considered a part of one’s everyday life. Weight should be kept under balance. Drinking should be avoided. If you have Diabetes, it should be taken well care of. Mental pressure should be handled.

2. Cancer

One of the main reasons for men’s death in the world is Cancer. It’s a deadly disease. Most men die because of lung cancer. American Cancer Society stated that the main reason behind men having lung cancer is smoking.
Then there is Protest Cancer, Cholesterol Cancer.
To prevent cancer these things should not be done- a man should not smoke or use tobacco. One should do regular exercise in order to keep lung active.
One should eat healthy and have sufficient amount of sleep every day. Staying under direct ray of the sun can be affective. Cancer Screening regularly is important. To know about health condition, consulting a doctor is important.

3. Accidents

Center For Disease Control said that men very often die because of road accidents. To prevent road accident, seat belt should be worn. Speed of the vehicle should not exceed limit. One should not do drunk driving. Driving when feeling sleepy is dangerous and needs to be avoided.
Other accident reasons are slipping, falling, chemical reactions etc. Don’t use chemicals where there is any air flowing. Slippery floor mats should not be used. Floors should be kept dry.

4. Stroke

There are some reasons for stroke that can’t be prevented. Like, gene issues, age, medical history etc. But there are many other things that a man can do to prevent stroke. Smoking is very bad. Blood pressure and Cholesterol should be kept under control. Avoid Trans Fat totally. One should take good care of his body weight and keep it under control. Regular exercising, healthy diet is must.


Respiratory Chronic disease like, Bronchitis, Emphysema is called COPD. COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. To prevent these, smoking must be avoided. Should stay away from chemicals. Should stay away form polluted or toxic air.

6. Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes increases blood sugar twice the amount. If its not kept in control it can cause many complications such as heart disease, blindness, kidney diseases etc.

7. Flu

Influenza is a viral disease. Flu doesn’t affect health that much but complications created by Flu can be dangerous. To stay safe from flu vaccination is must.

8. Suicides

Another big reason for men’s health risk is suicide. In many countries and societies, men commit suicide out of depression. If you are depressed, you should go see a doctor. No matter what you are going through you must overcome the obstacles.

9. Kidney Diseases

Another reason for men’s health risk is kidney diseases. To prevent it one should eat plenty of water. Eating too much salt should be avoided. If needed, one should take medicines properly.

10. Alzheimer’s

There is no proven method to prevent this disease. But taking care of your heart, dealing with blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes can reduce the chances of having this disease. Head injuries have a direct connection with Alzheimer’s disease. Head injuries can cause Alzheimer in the future. Make sure you don’t hit your head hard. Mental condition should be kept stable.

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