7 Things You Must Do To Take Care Of Your Eyes

The more modern we are getting, the more pressure we are putting in our eyes. Nowadays all the official works are done by using computer. There are also various kinds of gadgets.

Now lets have a look at the things we do in our everyday life. Lets look at the things we go through everyday.

You are working in your computer for hours, you have to go out in the scorching sun, after coming back home again you have to sit on your computer, you use many kinds of gadgets. All of this activities put pressure in your eyes. And thus your eyes are being affected. Your eyes are being damaged very slowly.

If your eyes turn red after sitting in front of computer for hours, if your eyes get wet, if your eyes hurt, you must go to a doctor. You have to take care of your eyes. Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of human body. You should take extra care of your eyes. Don’t be careless about your eyes. Not taking good care of your eyes can damage your sight or even make you blind.

To take proper care of your eyes you should follow the following rules:

1. Work In Sufficient Light:

Insufficient light or too much light, both is very harmful for our eyes. That’s why you need to make sure you are working in sufficient light. Don’t try to read when the light is insufficient. It puts stress in your eyes.

2. Don’t Stare At Computer Or Television Screen For Too Long:

Many people work for a long time without taking any break. They spend hours sitting in front of Television or Computer screen. Don’t do this. You must take rest sometimes. You must give your eyes some time to rest. Take some time off. Take a small walk. Rest for a little bit.

3. Eat Green Vegetables:

Eat green vegetables regularly. Papaya, Guava, Lemon Tomato, Carrot, Cucumber, Red Amaranth, Spinach, all kinds of seasonal vegetables and fruits must be added in your diet. Eat fish a lot. Fish has Omega 3 Fatty Acid in it, which is very much useful for eyes.

4. Protect Your Eyes From Sun Ray:

If you go out in the sun, don’t forget to carry sunglass and umbrella. Make sure you use good quality sunglasses. Otherwise the sunglass will affect your eyes.

5. Keep Your Weight Balanced:

Extra body weight can affect the whole body. It brings many diseases. Over weight can cause Hypertension, Diabetes and many other diseases. These diseases can damage your eyes badly.

6. Reduce Mental Pressure:

Mind not only puts pressure on itself, it also affects the body. Mental pressure can cause physical illness. Mental pressure can increase Glaucoma.

7. Be Careful When Using Glasses Or Contact Lenses:

Be careful about your glasses. Make sure to keep your contact lenses clean. If not kept clean it can infect your Cornea. Regularly consult an eye doctor.

You should keep in mind that your eyes are very much fragile. They are very much sensitive and can be affected very easily. Eye diseases affect very slowly and silently. If you get red eyes very often, if your eyes get wet or if your eyes hurt very often, there are chances that you have eye infections. Don’t be careless about your eyes. Take extra care of them.

Be careful if you stay in front of Computer or Televisions screen for too long. While using phone or tablet, make sure you use it with low brightness.

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