15 Reasons That Is Not Letting You Get Rid Of Pimples

Most of us have to face problems with pimples. But sometimes, no matter what we do it won’t go away. Sometimes it goes out of control. No matter what we do to prevent it, we get no results. Here are the reasons that are not letting you get rid of pimple problems-

1. Heredity:

Heredity is a thing that you can do nothing about. If your parents have pimple problems then you and your siblings can have it too. Heredity is a fact that you can’t change.


Women’s Menstruation or Period can sometimes cause pimples. Before two or three days of Menstruation, they can have pimples in their face.
During Menstruation process the amount of a hormone named Androgen increases and it makes the oil glands of the face produce more oil. This oil causes pimples.

3. Bad Weather:

When our skin can’t handle the weather, it causes pimples. Mostly when the season changes, pimples occur. In the other hand if you go to any place where the weather is different, you might get pimples.

4. Medicine Side Effects:

Sometimes having any special medicine can give you pimples. In that case, before taking any kind of medicine, you have to find out whether it has acne reaction or not. If needed consult with your doctor and change the medicine.

5. Stress:

Sometimes Stress can cause pimples. Notice if you get pimples before any big events such as any presentation or interview. In this case the reason of pimple is stress.

6. Food Habit:

Some foods cause pimples. Foods like Dairy item, Caffeine, Sugar or Nuts can cause pimples. Don’t consume these foods in large amount. Don’t keep this type of food in your diet. Eat vegetables instead. Drink green tea. Your skin will stay healthy.

7. Cosmetics:

There are some cosmetics that close the glands of our skin. For that reason, oil and dirt gets stuck in the skin and creates pimples. Those who use cosmetic items regularly should be careful about choosing their cosmetics.

8. Not Rinsing Makeup Properly:

Some people don’t remove their makeup by giving the excuse of tiredness. They fall asleep with makeup on their face. Thus the makeup holds oil and dirt and creates pimples.

9. Not Keeping The Makeup Brush Clean:

We use many kinds of makeup brush but we forget that these brushes need to be cleaned regularly. If we don’t keep them clean they will get dirty and infected by Bacteria. This can cause heavy damage to our skin.

10. Insufficient Sleep:

Insufficient sleep increases cortical rate in our body. This increases pimples even more.

11. What You Are Using For Your Hair:

If you get pimples near your hairline, the reason could be the hair products you use. Sometimes Hair Gel, Conditioner and even Shampoo can cause pimples. After using these products, wash your face using a good face wash.

12. Detergent That You Use To Wash Your Clothes:

Sometimes people get allergies from the ingredients of detergent powder. Using these detergents can cause pimples. Using aroma free detergent can be helpful sometimes.

13. Not Cleaning Your Face In Proper Way:

Washing your face too much or not washing your face very often can cause pimples. Build up the habit of washing your face two or four times a day.

14. Toothpaste:

Some people think that using toothpaste on their face will reduce pimples. But actually toothpaste can be the reason of pimples too. If you get pimples near your lips, it is because of your toothpaste.

15. Dirty Bed:

Bed sheet, Pillow covers they get covered with dirt and dust. They can be full of bacteria if not kept clean. Those who have pimple problems should wash their bed sheet and pillow covers at least twice a week.

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