Allergy – One Of The Most Common Word

Do you have too many sneezes in a row? It goes away after some times? Very often get rashes in your skin? Don’t know why these might be happening? Well, the reason might be allergy.

Sometimes we don’t know ourselves how we get allergy. Allergy is basically another name of Immune System Disorder. But you should not worry if you have allergy. Know the reasons of allergy, symptoms. Here are some tips about allergy for you.

Symptoms of allergy:

1. Sneezing: Sneezing very often, sneezing continuously.

2. Eyes get wet: Water drops from eyes continuously. Eyes itch and turn red.

3. Nose block: Nose gets blocked. Makes it hard to breath.

4. Diarrhea: Another symptom is Diarrhea. Patient has small or major Diarrhea.

5. Breathing Problems: Sometimes it gets hard to breath. Because of it, sometimes the patient faints.

6. Rashes in body: Sometimes the patients have rashes in their body. There can be many kinds of rashes.

7. Fever: Fever is one of the most common symptoms.

8.Vomiting: Vomiting is another common symptom of allergy. Vomiting or feeling like vomiting very often is a sign of allergy.

9. Dry Throat: Your throat can run dry if you have allergy. Even after drinking enough water you can have a dry throat. It’s a sign of allergy.

10.Cough: Allergy can make you cough sometimes.

How to find out whether you have allergy or not:

If you can’t figure it out after noticing one symptom, you should consult a doctor. Ask yourself some questions and write them down. This way when you go to the doctor, you will able to describe your exact problem.

For example:

1. When do you face the problem.How long the problem lasts. Is it seasonal or not.
2. In which specific part of the body you feel the reaction.
3.How much sick do you feel after the reaction.
4. Dou you sneeze while cleaning your house.
5. What kind of foods gives you reactions
6. Do you get any reaction when your pet comes close to you.

Different kinds of allergy:

1. Dust Allergy: Pillows, bed or old things that has dust on it can cause allergy.

2. Cosmetic Allergy: Moisturizer, Deodorant, Shampoo, Make-up can cause allergy. This allergy is called Cosmetic Allergy.

3.Agzima: Normally if your skin can’t take something it will show reaction. You will get rashes in your skin.

4. Sun Allergy: Some can’t tolerate the sunlight. That causes Sun Allergy.

5.Food Allergy: Sometimes food can cause allergy. For example, Milk, Egg, Flour, Seafood, Prawn, Peanuts can cause it.

6. Latex Allergy: Latex or natural rubber can cause allergy sometimes.

What you should do to prevent allergy:

1. Don’t use carpets if you have dust in your house. Cover your nose while changing Bed cover, Pillow cover.

2. Clean your house once in a week. Clean it Well.

3. Open all the windows of your house in the morning so that light and air can come inside.

4. If you have any pet in your house, don’t let it come inside your bedroom. Make them sleep somewhere else.

5. Use gloves when you are using detergents.

6. Avoid foods that make you sick. No matter how delicious they are, you have to avoid them.

7. If you notice any reaction in your body after drinking milk, then stop drinking milk. Eat Yogurt instead of milk.

8. Mane people can’t eat Eggplant, It gives itches in their mouth. In that case eating Eggplant should be avoided.

9. If you have reactions after eating prawn, try to avoid eating it. If you want to eat it too much, then add a little bit of it with rice or noodles.

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