Nail paint Art & Modern Designs

Nail Paint:

Nail color has now crossed the border. Now the limbs with clothing fingernails blue, green, radium, black-and-white coloring is all about color. All of them are use different color besides they are conscious about nail and hand care. Stone and stickers for a variety of uses, such as nail art and fashion is quite popular in the state. There are many brands in the market and the combination of nail polish in various prices.

Colored Prints On The Nails Before And After Noting Several Things Are:-

Nail polish should be applied to the nail polish color. What kind of fits with the color of your skin in the first place, you should be aware of it. Whose skin color is bright, to adapt to all types of color. However, in the case of grassy color people bright color or highlights not do much good.

The nail polish to match with the color of clothing is available. Red, pink, orange, brown, purple in addition to blue, yellow, green, radium color and black and white nail polish is available in any shop Cosmetics. However, blue, green, yellow color of anyone’s list if you do not clothing in any color of the nails can be used to cope with.

You have to clear about yourself that where you are going. If the party or ceremony is different. Office, college or university, do not use the highlighting or bright colors.
Before using the new nail polish up the old nail polish should be clear. First you have to cotton soaked in removal and the color of fingernails scraped up. Then the warm water mixed with shampoo and wash hands. Then to put a new nail polish to dry hands. It’s always better to choose the nail polish brands. Besides being more durable, which will not damage the nail.
Sometimes a lot of white spots on the nails. One of these chemicals can cause the nail polish. The choice is due to brands like nail polish. Do not use nail polish continuously. Before using the new nail polish without at least a few days stay without nail polish.

In many cases, some of the nails are broken or burst. The main reason for the lack of calcium in the body. You should eat calcium and vitamin C added food. After working for a long time with water coconut oil, olive oil, almonds oil mixed together, soak nails in a while. The hand wash lotion and put it benefits.

Hands and nails should be cleaned at least once a week. If you have enough time, you can go to parlor for manikuir. You can do this at home again quickly as soon as possible. Warm water mixed with a little lemon juice and salt to mix the shampoo, soak a little time in hand. Cleaning the hand and nail at the hand brush to the base rub to clean.

Sometimes dead skin accumulation of our nail area. If this problem, you can cut down dead skin and hand lotion applied. At least 1 day a week is simply enough to clean hands in this manner.
Now a variety of markets, is available in different prices and different brands of nail polish. Choose your favorite color from the original. Now the color of nail polish is different, as well as the differences in types. Some are more glossy, and some again matte. Nail designs are now used in a variety of sizes and use are colors of stone. So you can collect some stone or some other materials which helps your nail art.

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