Have You Washed Your Hands?

It is very much important to wash our hands. If we don’t wash our hands properly, we can get affected by many disease and the diseases can also be spread to the people near us. That’s why it is important for us to take time while washing hands and wash them properly. Many people don’t wash their hands properly and show many excuses. In the other hand there are also people who wash their hands very often.

In our everyday life we touch many things that may seem clean but actually they are full of Bacteria. If we don’t wash our hands after touching such things we can be badly affected by various diseases. Here are some things that are full of Bacteria. Things we touch everyday.

TV Remote:

While watching TV we touch the TV remote without washing our hands. We eat foods and don’t wash our hands properly. Then with the same hand we touch the TV remote. We chew our nails and lick our fingers. This way we put thousands of Bacteria on the TV remote. These Bacteria’s stay on TV remote and gets increased day by day. Anyone who touches the TV remote will surely get the bacteria’s in their hands too.


Pen is something that moves through everybody’s hands. Many people have the have the bit of biting pen butt. When a pen drops on the floor, we simply pick it up and start using it again. The person who gave you the pen, did that person wash his hands properly? Have you ever thought about it? The pen that you took from the post mans hand, was it hygienic?

Escalator Handle:

When you go for a shopping in the mall and you get on an escalator and touch the escalator handle, you are touching something that is full of germs. Scientists examined the rubber of escalator handle and found that it can contain many germs including E. coli which germ causes diarrhea.
Now you might be thinking that you won’t go on escalator from now on and will start using the stairs. Well there are handle in the stairs too. And handle of stairs contain the same germs. If you go on lift, then lift buttons are full of germs too.

Bathtub and Shower:

According to scientists, your bathtub and shower can have 100 times more germs than a trash can. It is because that shower and bathtub stays wet, germs can grow faster in wet environment.
So, wash your shower and bathtub more often. Don’t let germs grow.

Kitchen Clothes and Sponge:

The cloth you are using to keep your kitchen clean itself is full of germs. It can contain millions of germs. You should wash these clothes with hot water and antiseptic cleanser.


Everyday money comes and goes in our hands. If you are a cashier then you are in trouble. Have you ever thought how much germ these moneys can contain? Some notes have a layer of dirt on them and can be hardly recognized as money. Coins are also full of germs. Scientists found many types of bacteria and fungus in money.
Pets: Pet animals may seem cute but they can be full of germs. You might feel like touching them, cuddling with them. But you should control your urge. For example, ducklings can contain Salmonella bacteria. So don’t touch them thinking that they are cute and innocent.

This list contains the name of the things that we touch everyday. Things we can’t live without touching. But yet, if we stay alert and conscious we can stay safe. So stay conscious and wash your hands after touching this things.

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