Effective Tips to Stop Hair Fall

At present women remain very busy whole day. School, college and university students from the girl working the whole day are busy. And in the midst of so many work hair care is not taken up properly. Meanwhile, a variety of hair problems begin. There is no problem to find a girl who is in charge of the hair. Up to now, almost all of the hair. Meanwhile, the hair parlor to be quite time-consuming treatment is costly. But in a nutshell, “the cooks, he teamed hair. Today we have some tips for hair care to stop hair fall and which also makes hair strong, black and more strong.

Effective tips for stop hair fall completely

Hand very close to a few elements you can recover your precious hair care. You can create for regular use in oil. Let us now assume that what we have to prepare the oil lagache
1. Henna leaves (4/5 handful equivalent) and
2. Mustard oil (50 ml. Equivalent).


Please select from the different branches of the henna leaves. Wash thoroughly with water in a container of the pages, so that the leaves do not take any dirt. Drain off the water when you wash or a clean cloth to remove the can.
Then 50 ml of a clean container. With low heat on the stove with the mustard oil. You can also take small quantities of oil. When the oil is quite hot mix with henna leaves . Simmer the light, so that cannot burn. Remove from the oven when the oil will foam up. After a while, putting the stove. Then slowly the rest of the day with henna leaves and olive oil. Lather up with oil if the rules in the same way for some time Remove from oven. Remove from the oven at this a while after.
When you’re cold, with a thin, clean cloth or strainer and strainoil. Keep a glass bottle filled with theoil. The oil can be stored longer. If you can keep the plastic bottles. If the oil is less than the amount recommended.
If you want to take the powder henna powder with 1/3 cup, about 1½ cup of mustard oil with olive oil, according to the minutes of 2530 with firewood, can be used to cool and strain through the thin cloth.

How to use:

Tailored to the needs of the oil and the hair and the hair roots gently. At least three hours to remove the shampoo. If you keep the shampoo from the previous day and night to get more results. Use oil 3 times a week.

The result:

Be able to understand the difference between one week. Hair fall in one and a half months will be completely closed.


1. Anti-dandruff shampoo hair problems should never be used. The hair loss is severe.
2. Fit your hair with shampoo and conditioner after each day.
3. Do not use chemicals
We should not use in any type of chemical substances on hair. As a result of the use of chemicals on your hair may fall. Many makes colours hair . It is harmful for hair.
4. Do not use hot water
Hair cleaning the hot water cannot be used. European soft hair warm water. Lots of hair. Cleaning the hair will have to use cold water.
5. Use lemon juice, olive oil and egg on hair
At least one bath a week before the eggs, lemon juice and mix well with a pot of olive oil apply the hair roots. Keep for 20 minutes after that wash properly. It can reduce hair fall.

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