10 different uses of raw garlic.

bangla.sompurna24We all know the health benefits of garlic. ? For keeping a good heart, many people have been eating raw garlic on an empty stomach in the morning. We normally use garlic for cooking but do you know that it can be used by many ways. For example, raw garlic can be helpful to cure sore throat and acne faster and also helps to grow new hair. And there are more! Let’s know the 10 different uses of raw garlic.

1) Fever

If you are suffering from night fever and if you have small acne for fever at the corner of the lips then you can apply raw garlic juice on the fever acne. The pain will be gone. Take raw garlic juice and apply on the affected area to cure fever acne. You can ease the pain and recover faster with raw garlic easily.

2) Acne

If you want to prevent Acne fast or if you want to cure acne the pain then use raw garlic or raw garlic juice on the affected area.

3) Itchy feet

Many of us suffer from itchy feet because of wearing shoes for all day long which can create rash and itching.  Take garlic and a little salt and mix with warm water and now soak your feet for half an hour. Wash with soap and water and then apply some oil to cure this.

4) Throat pain

A sore throat can cure rapidly by eating raw garlic with hot tea. And if you do not like the smell of garlic then drink a glass of milk with garlic juice. Eating raw garlic juice is very beneficial to cure throat pain.

5) Skin problems:

Fungal infections such as boils or another skin problem can be cured by garlic which is very helpful method. Use raw garlic juice in infected area and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes wash your affected skin with cold water.

6) Hypertension

Every morning eat a couple of garlic on an empty stomach to cure this problem.

7) For fishing

Do you love fishing? Among the many of lures for fishing you can use raw garlic. There will be plenty of fish.

8) To protect trees

Garlic is very beneficial to protect plants from insects. Take a spray bottle, 1 cube of garlic and fill with water and also mix little liquid soap and now mix it together well. After a few days, use the spray directly on trees to keep the insects away.

9) As a gum

After touching garlic you may have noticed that your fingers are feeling gummy? So if you want gum and if you do not find it at home then you may use small garlic which also can be used as glue.

10) For growing new hair

Are you suffering from hair fall? Rub garlic on a regular basis in the affected area to grow new hair in the night and wash in the morning. Within a short time, you will get new hair.


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