Dr. Zakir nayek said about love

bangla.sompurna24Dr.  Zakir nayek already answered many questions on several stages in peace TV. A woman asked him, “Suppose a girl did not wear the hijab in her life. She was used to associate freely with the boys. And fell in love with one boy. The one time she began wearing the hijab. She realized that, it (love) is not right. What would you advise? ‘

In response, Dr. Zakir Naik said,

The first we will see how much she has fallen in love. What depth has their love reached? I will advise her to know everything. If they just love from outside lightly, a little loitering outside then it will be easy to teach them. If it reaches the depth of their relationship, then the issue is different.

The Holy Al-Quran says, “for an interfering daughter interfering son has been made and for an interfering son an interfering girl has been made as life partner.” If they reach the depth of their love, then they should understand that they are making a mistake and according to the Quran and Sunnah they should get married according to Islam.

Because they are both sinner now there should be repentant. If they get married accordance with Quran verses it will be ok. And if you do not go in a depth of love then, ‘Stay away from this. Be attentive to religion. Read more Qur’an, listen to lectures of the Islamic regime. ”


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