By seeing the color of tongue you can identify your physical problems.


When we fell ill doctor sees our tongue to identify the disease. The color and size of tongue can help us to identify physical problems. In fact, several centuries old, this approach was part of the Chinese medical system. You can also find your physical problems by seeing your tongue sitting at home.

1) White thin coating on the tongue: tongue always provide the information of our digestive tract. The system starts from the tongue. If there is a thin white overlay on tongue then there is no problem n digestion. That means digestive system is working properly.

2) Thick white layer: it signals that your body’s situations are worse. When you see these symptoms you must understand that there is injury in the body or any part of the body is not working.

3) The yellow layer: the layer of yellow on the tongue is a sign of fever. Body temperature can rise for many reasons. The bacterial infection can cause swelling or fever.

4) The surface of the tongue contains red wheel-to-wheel skin: it means that there is lacking of body’s energy. This may be caused by an allergy. Skin diseases, rashes, etc., may be a sign of disease. Light pink tongue is a normal healthy color. This means there is no problem in your body. Digestive system is working properly.

Take a look at the times when the tongue color helps you to fund the physical problem:

1) Pale: if the tongue is pale in color then there is a problem in digestion. Sleeves are cold. If you are having repeatedly dry tongue, then it may be a sign of anemia. If you are having symptoms such as then you may suffer memory loss or insomnia.

2) Bright red color: it means you have internal infections in body. At first red side will be in the tip of the tongue. And then it will spread to the whole tongue.

3) The tongue side contains the red color: if you have bad habit to take very spicy food and alcohol then it may lead to you this problem. If the color of the tongue is red on the side then it may lead you to constipation problem.

4) Blue: the lack of oxygen in the body can change the color of the tongue is blue. It is in clinical Cyanosis. Go to see a doctor immediately if this happens. Blood problems, such as heart disease patients may have problems. It is not too late.

5) Black color: Some of the same color can be from birth. However if suddenly you see the black color then you must understand that a huge amount of bacteria has been deposited in body. However, from the start, it should be first yellow, then brown, then black color.

6) Yellow color: the color of the tongue is not that common. It is a symptom of liver damage. It can be Jaundice.

7) Purple color: The purple color in the tongue for a long time means that there is a severe shortage of vitamin B. Remember, the most important organ in the body is the tongue. However, many of us do not keep track of it. If you clean the tongue every day you can get rid from diseases that can be released. Always brush teeth every morning and also clean the tongue better. Stay healthy.


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