Know the way of turn your gray hair black.


Because of the lack of proper nutrients,people of early age have their hair goes gray.Specially due to lack of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C,copper, minerals, zinc and iron, heir becomes gray. And in addition,without having discipline in life,changes of taste in meal,and due to stress,hair goes gray.

Your problem can be solved by a simple natural ingredients, and that is potato ! How can you  will be able to make your gray hair white,you can know the whole meta by scrolling down of this page.

How to prepare :

First,peel 5 potatoes.Then pour 2 glass of water in a pan.Now heat it with potato peels.If the water is boiling,start cooking that for 5 minutes.Now remove that from the oven and cool it.Next,mix it and strain the mixer into a bowl and remove the peels.You can use 1-2 drops of rosemary or lavender oil.

How to use :

First wash your head properly.Noe massage your head with the mixer.Keep in that position for 30 minutes.Noe wash your head by water.After some days, your hair will be black after using it.


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