How can you get rid of piles easily ?


You can observe the common problem of piles in each home. Constipation, long-term cough,urine problems are the cause of piles. The symptoms of piles are anal bleeding, anus swelling etc.

There are a lot of treatment for piles problems. The treatment is decided upon how deep the problem is. Sometimes,applying medicines only heal the problem, but sometimes the problem becomes so deep that there is no other way than doing operation. But some certain foods can help you to get rid of piles problems,such as-

Reddish Juice :

Reddish is one of the regular vegetables.  It helps effectively to heal piles. You can get benefit after drinking the juice of reddish. First start with 1/4 cup of it. Then increase it to 1/2 of the cup.

Pomegranate :

Boil pomegranate seeds properly. Keep boiling till the colour of seeds and water changes. Strain the water and keep it. Drink it 2 times in a day.

Figs :

Soak dry figs in a glass of water for overnight. Drink half of the water in morning. And drink the rest half in evening.

Ginger and lemon juice :

Dehydration is one of the cause of piles.  Mix ginger and lemon juice with a tea spoon of honey properly. Drink it 2 times in a day. It will hydrate your body and reduce the problems of piles.

Raw onion :

Raw onion reduced anus bleeding effectively. It really helps soothe intestinal pain.

Workout :

Reducing constipation and maintain blood circulation,you have to do some exercises. Workout is the best solution of get rid of any physical problem. However,if you lift weights too hard,it may increase the problem of piles. Do some exercise or workout such as swimming or cycling etc.

Yellow :

Boil raw yellow in water properly. And drink the water regularly. It is effective to heal piles problems.

Banana :

Banana is the perfect way to get rid of piles problems. It reduces anus bleeing, pliles effects,anus pressures etc. You can be benefited more quickly if you eat banana with soyabin milk.

Peas :

Peas,such as lentils and many other peas helps to heal piles problems.


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