Reduce your weight without exercise within Two weeks.


It may sound unbelievable, but you can reduce your weight to 15 pound in 14 days by eating cucumber. If you follow this step,there is nothing to watch when you wat, or be sincere in making food schedule. You even do not need to do any hard exercises. Just following a little step will lead you the way to lose weight. Let us learn about the benefits of cucumber :

Nutrients of cucumber :

Cucumber is enriched with Vitamin,mineral and 96% of water. Cucumber is a source of Vitamin-K,Vitamin-A,folic acid and manganese.

Cucumber is also full of riboflavin, pantothenic acid,calcium,magnesium,phosphorus,sulfur and silica. It is also ruched with many other elements.

Cucumber`s diet :

By making cucumber salad you can start the diet. When you feel hungry,eat this nutritious vegetable.

By following the diet for 14-15 days,you can obtain physical fitness. But you can not fill your stomach with just cucumber. Eat your meal properly.

Take the white part of 2 eggs,or take 150 grams of fishes or meat of hen. 2 big pieces of boiled potato or 3 pieces of bread. Any nutritious fruits 500 grams. You can drink tea,coffee without sugar. But soft drinks are prohibited.

If you follow these steps,you can decrease your weight to 15 pounds within 14 days. Whenever you are hungry,eat cucumbers as soon as possible. No matter what happens,do not keep your stomach empty. If your stomach becomes empty,you can not reduce your weight. This diet can be performed 1 times in 2 months.


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