How to increase your hair growth ?


Everyone wants their hair to be long,thick and sparkling. However,you can not expect this from chemicals,cosmetics or the shampoo of markets. So,you have to choose natural elements,in this case,your hair will be long once again,you hair will be strong as ever and you will be able to reduce hair fall. Let us see how you can fulfill your expectation.

Amla is enriched with Vitamin-C,and helps you to to grow new hair. Mix amla and coconut juice and apply to you hair. Wash your hair with water after 30 minutes. Regular use of it will make your hair taller and stronger.

Aloe holds the miniaturization of your hair. It obtains salysilic acid,which work as anti-biotic and protector of hair. Regular use of aloe helps to grow hair fast. Use basil leaves after rebate in your hair at least for once in a week. It helps blood circulation to the skin and hair of the head. Use china rose in your hair after rebate,it helps to grow hair fast and smoothly.

Henna can be used in hair as natural conditioner. It is effective in order to keeping cool your head skin and head. It makes hair thick and long. After rebate,use henna to on your head for sometimes. Then wash it,no need to use shampoo. Use this method for 1 month and you will get the result.


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