Best Freelance Job Sites in Bangladesh

Being a freelancer you want to know pros and corns of this marketplace sites and there system, there behaviors. how they pay, there payment security , job quality, transaction system and so on. After evaluating these kinds of items one can make decision to work in this marketplace. Now i want to share you some giant freelancing marketplaces in a brief:

1. oDesk : oDesk is an one of the most popular freelancing marketplace for its secured payment system, work volume and others. It is definitely first choice of freelancers. you will find what you need here. The website lists jobs in a wide range of business-service categories, such as administrative support, customer service, sales and information systems.the site is popular for many aspects specially for writing and design. A few days ago, the company re-brands himself as oDesk is now for upwork. although many freelancer like earlier than for his out-looking design. the slogan of odesk is : You've come to the right place. We've upgraded oDesk to help businesses connect with great talent faster than ever before. now i share some specific work volume data to draw your attention as if you can measure it and its service popularity. in this marketplace $1 Billion+ job successfully done annually, 2,700+ skill freelancers are registered here, 90% of clients who are rehire by buyer in this stage. really its a great marketplace indeed. we hope in future, odesk play important role to secure more popularity than now.

2. Freelancer: if we ask you which marketplace is pioneer in Bangladesh? definitely that is Wanna to get the best bid from gamut of skilled web designers, copywriters or freelance programmers? simply login to it is most common marketplace i n our country. Its title is : Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online.